Is There A Right Age To Get Married ?

Is There A Right Age To Get Married ?

This is one of the most common dilemmas of most people who are thinking of marrying. They think that there is a right age for marrying so that their marriage will be successful. Actually, there is no right age to get married.  As long as you are in the legal age, then you can marry.  If you think you are ready and if you have found the man whom you think you want to spend the rest of your life with, then go for it.  But as marriage is one thing that supposedly happens only once, you should take time to consider if you are really ready for it. Just because you love that person very much and you think you can’t go on living without him, doesn’t mean you are ready. In fact, love alone should not be the main basis of marriage.  There is more to marriage than love though age is really the least of the issues.

Below are some of the reasons why you cannot consider age as basis of getting married:

One of the reasons why people will consider age in getting married is because of their capability to have children.  But even with this aspect, it still depends on the individual’s preferences as not every couple wants to have children, though rare, there are still some couples out there who do not want to be bothered with child rearing.

People do not mature at the same time though of course you don’t have to be matured to be ready for marriage but at least you are “marriage ready” before leaping into such a big step.

Though there is no right age for making this big step, but at least be ready financially first before starting a new family.  Admit it; if you are planning to start a family and have kids, then you need money.

If you have set a particular age to get married, chances are you cannot find the right man as you will be in a haste thinking that you already have little find time to find him. Bear in mind that such man will be with you for the rest of your life. Never consider the option of a divorce even when you are not married yet.  Take your time in finding a man whom you think really loves you unconditionally and finding this kind of man takes time.

Choose wisely so you do not have to sign a prenuptial agreement

Don’t be pressured by the people around you.  Yes it could be rotten if you are already say 30 and still single, but if you are happy with it, so what!  Better single and happy than marry the wrong person.  You will only end up wishing you have not married at all.

As marriage is supposedly one of the best and memorable moments of your life, it is just right that you are in the best of everything when getting into it.  There is neither right age nor right recipe.  It always depends on you if you have found the right person and both of you are ready to make the big leap.

The Complicated Case of Alimony In Florida

The Complicated Case of Alimony In Florida

In most places where divorce is legal, one party is either given a settlement amount or alimony for a period of time.  In most divorce cases in America, the woman is given a settlement amount of half of her ex-husband’s worth of fortune but in Florida, it is different. Asking for alimony is not as easy in Florida you must be ready to always prepared to litigate.  Alimony is allowance given to a party that is asking for it if he or she is qualified to be granted it.  Yes, it can either be the husband or the wife that can ask for settlement from each other, depending on the situation they are in.

Asking for the court to settle in Florida needs to go through a lot of screening and investigation so proven that the party that is asking for it really deserves to be awarded the monthly settlement by the other party.  This is a great attorney in Fort Lauderdale you see a good example of . The judge will take into consideration a series of things before he can decide whether the party asking for it is qualified or not.  The considerations that should be brought about by the judge are the number of years the couples have been married to each other, whether it is a long term marriage or a short-lived marriage.  A long term marriage is more than 15 years and the short-lived marriages are less than 10 years.  The number of years in between is still in vague area that the judge has to take into consideration properly.

The other thing that the judge also has to consider is the situation of the couple when they are still married to each other.  For example, the wife has to take care of the children and the household so she has to give up her job to be able to do it.  She then only has part time jobs to be able to help her husband that could not even reach a small amount per week.  On the other hand, the husband who has a career that pays a substantially large income per month to support his family.  The wife is then given alimony since she could not increase what she makes that easily. But the length of time the alimony is given is yet to be decided. In this scenario, you can really see that the wife needs it, but this is just an example simple scenario.

Most cases are more complicated and the scenarios like the wife having her own career or she is out of town to work to help her husband in supporting the family.  In this case, if the wife is granted the settlement, the amount will then be very unpredictable and the judge will usually take a longer time in deciding the amount of alimony that is to be given to the wife.  Furthermore, the length of time will also be decided and taken into consideration since the wife can possibly support herself and their children too.  Asking for alimony is really complicated but if you are a family man, it is really your duty to provide even when you are divorced or not.

What Can You Expect From A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreement is getting more popular these days. Others may think this agreement promotes divorce but it you will really give it a deep thought without involving any emotions; this is actually a practical move for both parties. Though emotionally, this could mean lack of love from the initiator but admit it, we are in a real world and in this imperfect world, security plays a big role. There is a chance that your would-be husband is not really into this but his family will not allow to marry someone with much lesser financial background without the prenup. Those people who are requiring prenuptial agreement are usually those who are a lot wealthier than their would-be partner. Most of the time, it is the family of the richer partner who will enforce the prenup and seeing that it could also test the real intention of the weaker party, the richer would-be partner will agree.

Prenuptial Agreements

picture representing prenup contract an attorney would draft before a couple get married.

So, what can you expect from a prenuptial agreement?

Though this agreement may vary depending on the state or country you are in, but in general, the thing you can be benefited with prenuptial agreement is you will now have the chance to gain more control in your assets and will not just rely on the government to divide between you and your partner in case of divorce and between your partner and your children in case of death.

This agreement will also protect both parties from debts acquired before marriage. As the economy is struggling these days, chances are you might end up with someone who has a lot of debts in her name without you knowing or maybe you are informed and you don’t want to be involved with her financial problems before your marriage. With the agreed prenup, those creditors where your would-be wife owes money from cannot turn on you for payment seeing that you are more than financially capable.

If you happen to have children before your marriage, the prenuptial agreement will also serve as their protection. You will have full control as to the division of your wealth or property. And if it is the other partner who has children before marriage, then it will be your call if you will agree to give something to her children in case of death or divorce.  I would suggest to visit this site.  It has a lot of advise on divorce.

If you are part owner of a company, prenuptial agreement can also deter your wife from assuming your share in the board and therefore protecting the interest of the other members. They might not want your wife to be part of the board as she might not be endowed with the appropriate skills and knowledge to be one.

But there are also some legal restrictions in a prenuptial agreement again depending on the state or country you are in like you cannot give up child support during divorce, and you cannot refuse to pay alimony.

Romantically speaking, prenuptial agreement might be disappointing as it shows lack of trust to the other partner. But between romance and security, it simply goes down to the choice between the heart and the mind.