“It has been a pleasure working with Shawn at The Leo Law Office. He is very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to helping you. If you’re looking for an experienced attorney, I highly recommend reaching out to Shawn.” – Derek V.

“Great attorney, great colleague! I had the pleasure of working with Shawn for three years in the Legal Department of HSBC’s investment bank. Shawn demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly master new areas of law. I was very impressed with his ability to expand into new coverage areas and become a resident expert in a short amount of time. Shawn had an excellent rapport with clients and colleagues alike. Moreover, Shawn embodies the very finest qualities of the legal profession: trustworthy, hard-working and dedicated. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shawn to anyone seeking legal counsel in the business and financial services sector.” -Clifton P.

“Shawn clearly communicated the process and answered all of my questions, all while I was not even in San Diego County. He provided timely updates and was clear on what to expect in the Probate process.” – Gabrielle R.

“Great service and very personable. I worked with Shawn on a commercial solar installation franchise dispute. My company, Empire Design & Development Corp., completed a several residential solar installation jobs through franchise referrals. We were not paid for the significant work and material costs laid out. I contacted Shawn and explained the problem. I sent the franchise agreements and work orders. He was really helpful and quickly got up to speed with all documents. Shawn explained the terms and steps we needed to take to start our claim. He also drafted a demand letter and suggested that we lien the jobs to bring all involved parties to the table. I’m very satisfied with the results. If we hadn’t taken all steps suggested, we would not have been paid.” – David B.

“It was great working with Shawn. He drafted a distribution agreement for my business and answered all of my questions. I will definitely use his services again.” – Tal S.

“Shawn Leo is an intelligent, interesting and impressive individual. Shawn in addition is a good attorney and counselor at law. Shawn and I worked together, as in-house counsel at HSBC, for roughly three years. Shawn delved into the law within his remit, developed technical legal experience and discharged his responsibilities with sound practical advice, repeatedly. Shawn so performed with his ever pleasant personality. I consider Shawn a life-long friend and a source of wise counsel, which I have not drawn on oft-enough and, now that Shawn has opened his own practice, for which I which may be charged – though surely worth the fee. I wish Shawn every success in his legal practice. I am confident that Shawn will earn it through his hard work and good advice to his clients.” – Joseph F.

“Mr. Leo promptly contacted me regarding my legal concern and provided me with excellent legal advice, based upon my circumstances. I highly recommend him to the community for the resolution of legal problems.” – Jim B,