Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

There are a variety of complex laws that cover commercial real estate purchases and sales. Adding to the complexity are the variations of commercial real estate transactions, all of which are multi-faceted. Some of the components that determine which type of deal are taking place are location, specific industry of the real estate, and financing method. 

If you are looking to invest in commercial real estate, put the industry-specific conditions that you will need to comply with at the top of your list. Be certain to review the local, county, and state laws that govern real estate transactions and real estate usage. Retain the services of an attorney who has experience navigating the many laws that cover commercial real estate. 

Selling or Buying

There should be considerable precursory agreements that take into account the provisions needed to identify the timing of the transaction, the different parties, buildings, businesses, and locations involved. Navigating these negotiations with the guidance of a qualified legal professional can help protect your interests.

Commercial Disputes

Given the current litigious landscape in California, many business owners have been or will be involved in a litigated commercial dispute, particularly those involving contracts, as they tend to be utilized for transactions of consequence.  Types of commercial disputes