Contract drafting and breach of contract claims

All businesses, regardless of industry, rely on well-drafted contracts. Once signed, the agreements and terms within are legally binding on you or your company. Carefully reviewing contract terms before signing the agreement will ensure that you understand each provision and that they are favorable for your business which in turn reduces exposure to liability. These are just a few reasons to get a contract lawyer on board before making any deal official.

A contract lawyer can act as your advocate during negotiations and specializes in understanding all aspects of contracts. Rather than relying on a stock contract, they can specifically tailor agreements, representations and warranties, service deliverables, vendor risk apportionment, employee contracts and more, to suit your specific needs. Contract attorneys have the expertise and experience to help you reduce the risk of signing a disadvantageous deal.

Strategic negotiation

Before you draft and sign business contracts, assure that the final agreement contains terms that are beneficial to your current business model and align with your short and long term goals. A qualified contract negotiation attorney can review the terms identify language that is convoluted or confusing and in turn make revisions to clarify where necessary.

Some examples of contracts you may require in the course of doing business include purchase and sale contracts, vendor agreements, technology contracts, real estate contracts and loan agreements. What are the potential advantages of working with a contract law attorney to draw up these types of business contracts?

Ready to sign contracts

  • Strong purchase and sales agreements will help limit liability for your company and ensure that the assets at issue are unencumbered.
  • Vendor relationships are important to any business and having a strong agreement between the parties will ensure that service deliverables are clear from day one.
  • Seamless technology is vital to every aspect of today’s business climate, but once you sign a contract, you’re locked in. You can avoid the pitfalls that accompany such an arrangement by negotiating a beneficial contract that outlines specific service and performance thresholds.
  • Real estate contracts are something you’ll likely run across several times a year, regardless of your specific business. These contracts can seem routine but may contain very different terms and need to be considered carefully.
  • Consumer loans and commercial loans are not subject to the same rules; therefore, it is important to understand the context of how the loan is being presented and the level of disclosure and risk that accompanies each type of loan.

At the Leo law offices, we specialize in contract drafting for all your business needs. We will work with you to draft and negotiate agreements with your counterparties. You can feel confident that every detail has been carefully examined and discussed with you before you sign.