Business Law

Business law concerns the formation of new businesses as well as the issues that come up as existing businesses interact with other companies, the public, and the government. Attorneys specializing in business law are experts at structuring transactions to minimize a business’ exposure to litigation. Corporate attorneys are often enlisted for the express purpose of avoiding future litigation.

Incorporation Services and Corporate Governance

Incorporation helps you protect both your business and your personal assets, establish a structure for investment capital and loans, and choose the type of business entity that has the most tax advantages. Corporate governance is the structure of rules, practices, and processes used to direct and manage a corporation. LEARN MORE

Contract drafting and breach of contract claims

Contracts are legally binding documents that are between parties acknowledging the rights and duties that govern the agreement. Contract drafting is the act of writing down the terms and conditions to said agreement in clear and precise language that is understandable to all parties involved. Breach of contract claims occur when one party does not adhere to the conditions listed in the signed contract. LEARN MORE

Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

A purchase and sale agreement or PSA is a document that is written up and signed after the buyer and seller mutually agree on both the price and terms of a real estate transaction. LEARN MORE

Judgement Enforcement

If monetary damages are awarded in a lawsuit, the plaintiff receives a judgement, a court order that is the decision in a lawsuit. A judgement enforcement is the actual collection of the money from the defendant. LEARN MORE

Exceptions to Discharge in Bankruptcy

In bankruptcy jurisprudence, the discharge of an individual’s debts is the goal in the bankruptcy process. However, there are specific types of debts that are not excepted from discharge. LEARN MORE