Digital accessibility and ADA compliance laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) became law in 1990.  The landmark ADA legislation is aimed at preventing discrimination against people with disabilities. At the time it was enacted, the internet was not part of the public domain. However, as the technology became public and  evolved over the past several decades, its use and versatility […]

Non-disclosure agreement attorneys

A non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”), also known as a confidentiality agreement, is a legally binding contract that establishes a confidential relationship between two or more parties. An NDA is typically made between employers and employees, companies and independent contractors, or two or more unrelated companies. NDAs help to establish that confidential information remains protected for your […]

Reasons to hire an LLC formation attorney

If you are planning on starting a business, one of the things you will decide before registering it with the state is the type of business structure to choose. A business structure refers to how a business is legally organized. The type of structure you choose can have an effect on how your business is […]

Executor breach of fiduciary duty

A fiduciary duty, as outlined by the legal system in the United States, is used to describe a relationship that exists between parties that obligates the fiduciary to act solely in the best interests of the other party or parties. In other words, a fiduciary is a person or professional entity that takes on a […]

How to remove a trustee

When you establish a family trust, take some time to consider who should be your trustee.  Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, you may not always make the right choice. If the creator and/or co-creator of a family trust, a co-trustee, or a beneficiary of the trust feels that the trustee is acting improperly, […]

What is a Heggstad Petition?

A popular estate planning vehicle for many people is the living trust. A living trust is a legal document that is created during your lifetime in which a designated person, the trustee, is responsible for managing your assets for the benefit of your beneficiaries after your death. The purpose of creating a living trust is […]

California Trust Administration Responsibilities

Being designated as a trustee of a loved one’s trust can be an honor.  Knowing that someone trusts someone enough to carry out their final wishes can bring a great sense of pride.  With the role comes heavy responsibility which shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Depending on the assets and terms of the trust, it can […]

Revocable Living Trust, a California Estate Planning Must

Have you ever wondered if you could benefit from a revocable living trust?  Here’s a few benefits: Flexibility – a revocable living trust can be controlled by the grantor during his or her lifetime as its trustee. The grantor is the person that created the trust.  The grantor trustee can easily change the trust at […]